Confinement Tool

The Confinement Toolbox contains geoprocessing scripts for calculating confinement along a stream network. This tool is written in Python (2.7) for use in ArcGIS version 10.1.



Version 2.2 Released! This version produces Riverscapes projects via Riverscapes Project Python module, adds outputs to the map (with a basic symbology applied), improved speed by removing old processes, plus other bugs fixed.

Version 2.3 is already in the planning stages (see issues marked with Milestone 2.3), and will include features such as Riverscapes project linking, Generic Confinement analysis types, and more!


Latest Version 2017 AUG 01

* Fixed Bug with path naming for Realizations and Analyses

Previous Versions and Release Notes


The Confinement Toolbox is provided as a zip file containing a .pyt file and supporting script files.

  1. Unzip the contents to your computer (keep all files together).
  2. Open ArcGIS.
  3. Add the .pyt file to Arc toolbox as you would any other Geoprocesssing Toolbox.

Using the Confinement Tools

Project Mode

The Confinement Tool has a Project Mode to support confinement analysis organization and the RiverScapes Program.

Start Here to calculate confinement as a Project

Stand-Alone Tools

The primary Confinement Tools can also be used in a “stand-alone” analysis workflow.


The Confinement Toolbox was written by Kelly Whitehead (South Fork Research, Seattle WA) with support, contributions and testing by